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Amazing knitting is everywhere and I want you to see it! Tag to be featured #creativity_strikes. I knit in Abbotsford BC Canada.

This week on Instagram @arbynwear

I had a revelation this week, I should have an Instagram account for arbynwear. Up till now I’ve flooded my personal account with (increasing) knitting photos and I’m quite certain my followers have had enough. So I took the plunge.

After a bit of thinking and research I decided to run a featured account, which is a fancy name for promoting other people’s accounts. Right now I do a lot of knitting but it’s mostly commission-driven and, well, repetitive.

But I want to get more involved with the knitting community. So…a featured account makes perfect sense for my situation.

This week I concentrated on reposting knitting I was drawn to, and I tried to find a good mix of advanced, cute, funny, and inspirational. So far, so good.