Socks My Way course review

Slow as molasses I’ve made my way through Socks My Way by knitter, author, and mathematician Lara Neel.

If there are two things in this world I struggle with it is socks and math. And this course is FILLED to the brim with both. In a good way, it turns out.

Since I’m afraid I thought it would be best to confront it and this course seemed like a safe way to do it. The Craftsy model is to break the teaching into units. Each unit has videos with great lighting and close-up shots, plus some course material, and the opportunity to ask the instructor questions as you go.

Lara Neel

It’s pretty close to in-person teaching. Except I don’t annoy the teacher by getting her to repeat what she said a million times or show me how to do the thumb joint hat top heel just one more time.

This course is suited to intermediate knitters as you need to be comfortable and familiar with knitting small-scale on double pointed and circular needles. You also need to be able to understand patterns enough that you know how to manipulate and customize them to your liking.

In my years knitting I’ve tried not to knit too many pairs of socks citing attitudes of not understanding the fuss and other such ignorance. This course has given me confidence to not only make socks but customize them so I actually like them. How great is that!?

socks in action

Here’s my first try—I safe top-down number with a bit of a diamond pattern. Next project: toe-up. What what!?

Socks My Way Course Review

Thanks Lara!

Socks My Way