I went crazy this weekend over my lucky strike in pattern book 1760 “Discover The Excitement Of Hairpin Lace.”

More specifically over these amazing ties.

Knitted ties.

Dick’s tie is simply called “Knitted Tie,” Harry’s is “Ascot,” but Tom’s…Tom’s tie is called “Afghan Tie.” Now that’s special.

Knitted Ties

This pattern book comes to me from the 1960s and—apparently—just showed up on my bookshelf as my mother said there is no way it belonged to her.

I shall search my dad’s tie collection soon to verify.

Vintage Pattern Book

Anyway, the price on the book is $1.50. Mine has a little sticker asking $0.50 but now it’s on eBay for the vintage-trendy price of $9.99 USD.

Immediately I thought finally I have something I can knit my husband, as he has never once allowed me to make something for him, stating he’s very picky and doesn’t want to hurt my feelings if he doesn’t like it.


But these ties! I mean, who wouldn’t want them?

Text Convo With Husband

Oh, he’s getting them.