This post was originally published in 2006 on my personal blog to give my aunts the hat pattern I had written. My first pattern if memory serves. I was quite proud.

Easy Toque Pattern

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Easy Toque Pattern

I haven’t revised this pattern since the first time I wrote it out. I do plan to create a proper pattern one day, and will link it here when I do. This version is done on straight needles and sewn up at the end.

Use worsted yarn doubled for this thick beanie.

Cap: With 8mm needles cast on 65 stitches. Work in single ribbing for 1.5 inches. Next, work in stockinette stitch until 4.5 inches from beginning.

Crown: Row 1 = k8, k2 together; Row 2 = purl;. Row 3 = k7, k2 together; Row 4 = purl (Get the idea? Continue in this manner until 8 or 9 stitches remain).

Finish: Cut yarn, leaving a long end. Draw the end through remaining stitches, pull tightly and secure. Sew back seam.

Easy Toque Pattern Yarn Doubled


This size fits my head. I usually increase 8 stitches for men and decrease 8 stitches for children. I’m working on baby sizes. So far I can only size them to dolls (and don’t even ask about mittens).