Robyn Roste

About Robyn

Before January 2009 I was a recreational knitter. But then something happened. And I was hooked. (Wait, is that a crochet pun?)

It started with fluffy scarves, then toques (hats to you non-Canadians) and hand warmers. Once I learned double-pointed knitting my obsession was full-fledged.

I’m fortunate to have several friends and my mother to ask all my fussy, knitty questions to. Since I learned to knit (left handed!) from a book, I missed a lot of basics that would’ve maybe been covered if I’d learned from a person instead.

My formal training is in journalism and I’ve worked as a professional writer since 2009. The ultimate goal for this site is to create a space where my passions can merge and become a place where it’s OK to write about knitting and vice versa. Although I’m not sure how you can knit about writing.

There must be a way.

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